Quality and Sustainability

Mossberg was one of the first 10 US printers to earn Total Production Maintenance certification from the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation. But we didn’t stop there. Today, we have multiple certifications from these quality organizations in addition to outstanding scorecards from some of our most critical customers. quality-1024x146  

What about the environment?

SFILabelpng Sustainability is important to Mossberg & Company. The executive management is committed to the implementation and on-going maintenance of its Chain of Custody program under the regulatory standards and social responsibility goals established by the forest management agencies. Chain of Custody is an accounting system that tracks wood fiber through different stages of production: from the forest, to the mill, to the paper, to Mossberg & Company’s printing operations, and ultimately to our customer’s finished product. Chain of Custody ensures the integrity of the paper supply chain and that the paper used in Mossberg & Company printed products are from responsibly managed forests.
Additionally, Mossberg & Company is involved in the following environmental initiatives:
  • We use low VOC or zero VOC inks that are agri-based.
  • We use inks, coatings, and label/packaging materials that are compliant (Conflict Minerals Rule, MPCA, CA Prop 65 and TSE, RoHS, REACH/SVHC, & CPSIA, Directive 94/62/EC, US CONEG Model Toxic Legislation, Directive 2000/53/ECH).
  • We reclaim and reuse solvents, reuse cleaning rags, and recycle our process paper waste, aluminum plates, manufacturing by-products such as corrugated and paper cores, and non-process products such as misc. paper, cardboard, cans, and bottles.
  • Our waste ink is burned (off-site) as fuel.
  • Mossberg is identified (EPA) as a CESQG (as a result of solvent recycling), with VOC emissions that are well beneath the IDEM major source threshold.
  • We use energy efficient lighting (T8 fixtures) and lighting occupancy sensors.

Through these efforts Mossberg & Company has been able to reduce our solvent usage by over 70%, and also significantly reduce our landfill bound waste.